Case Study #1

Cazadores' 100th Anniversary

at 74Wythe


Scope & Vision

For Cazadores' 100th anniversary party, we were approached with a timeline of only 10 days to execute an unforgettable dessert experience for the Mexican tequila brand on May 18, 2022, at the 74 Wythe venue in Williamsburg, NY. Guided by a defined budget, Mexican heritage theme, and a "Mercadito" (small market) motif, we were trusted to bring the client's vision to life, representing our ideal kind of client collaboration.


Strategy & Preparation

Our menu paid homage to the brand's Mexican roots and the vibrant color palette provided. We crafted a range of desserts: a tricolor rainbow cake representing the Mexican flag, a traditional tres leches cake, Mexican wedding cookies, and a spicy chocolate chile cake adorned with sugar agave plant decorations. We offered color-matched French macarons with a classic dulce de leche filling and passionfruit coconut truffles infused with Cazadores tequila. The pièce de résistance was a 3-tiered cake, hand-painted with intricate Mexican art details. Styling the dessert table was SO FUN! We utilized colorful crates filled with tropical fruits, contrasting with the richness of a dark wood table, reminiscent of an open-air market. The desserts were presented on our gold platter collection, elevating the "market" look.


Event Gameplan

A significant challenge was the intense afternoon sun during setup, threatening to affect the desserts. We started by styling the table with produce and platters, buying time for the desserts in a cooler spot. When the sun didn't relent, our team arranged the desserts on platters in a cool area and introduced them at the last possible moment, ensuring they remained fresh and enticing throughout the event.


Celebrating Success

Our client was thrilled with the outcome, declaring our dessert table and cake as the best setup among all their nationwide parties! They appreciated our commitment to providing a hyper-personalized experience that harmonized aesthetics and flavor to celebrate their brand. Despite the last-minute timeline and intense heat, we navigated the event seamlessly, further solidifying Pistachio Studio's ability to deliver memorable experiences under any circumstances.

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Marilyn Monroe

Executive Event Planner, Hermes