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Aspen Wedding

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Understanding the Vision

Pistachio Studio was invited to be part of an Aspen Indian Wedding, where we were tasked with creating a dessert experience that was as varied and vibrant as the couple themselves. Our clients, an Indian bride and an American groom, dreamed of presenting their 220 guests with a global dessert journey that highlighted the dynamic energy of New York City, the serene elegance of Japan, and the raw beauty of Colorado summers. This journey was to be laced with a shared love for coffee and tea. In a break from convention, they wanted an immersive, playful, and varied dessert landscape that moved beyond the traditional wedding cake.


Preparation & Execution

The realization of this vision was a meticulous process of planning and execution that stretched over several months. We proposed an initial suite of over 25 custom desserts and 8 interactive stations, which, after a comprehensive tasting session with the clients and their planners, was honed to a delectable menu of 10 desserts and 4 interactive stations. Striking the perfect balance, we split the production of nearly 4000 desserts between our familiar NYC production kitchen and an off-site kitchen in Aspen. This strategy ensured quality and freshness, while also allowing us to leverage local talent for event preparation and ingredient sourcing.


Navigating Challenges

Throughout this process, we were faced with various logistical challenges, each met head-on with creative solutions and unwavering determination. For instance, when wildfires interfered with shipping timelines, we circumvented potential delays by checking coolers filled with frozen items onto our flight. Once we landed in Colorado, the coordination of shipping all display ware, prepping desserts in a shared kitchen, and ultimately, transporting everything to a custom-built venue in the heart of a scenic field became our focus. Despite having no running water or electricity, we successfully set up our stations and delivered an outstanding experience.


Celebrating Success

The reception was an unequivocal triumph. Guests reveled in the innovative affogato station, a twist on the classic end-of-evening coffee service, and the 'starry night' melting dome desserts, each hand-painted to resemble a night sky. Our dessert table, resplendent with a spectrum of colors, heights, and textures, was a feast for the eyes. We catered to diverse dietary preferences by clearly labeling vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options. In the after-party room, guests indulged in a s'mores pop station and an ice cream pop cart. This event stands as a testament to Pistachio Studio's dedication to creating unique, memorable experiences that delight the senses and move beyond the realm of the ordinary.

Aspen Wedding

Wedding Case Study

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