Case Study #3

Selena Gomez - Rare Beauty

at Lavan 54


Scope & Vision

The assignment from Sunset Studios was initially a mystery! We only knew we were working for a celebrity client, and that we were gearing up for an influencer event with a unique dessert offering. Guided by a single-page inspiration board focusing on seven shades of pink, we proposed a variety of interactive stations featuring custom ice creams, s'mores torching stations, and DIY donuts. Initially, we were only responsible for passing desserts and an interactive dessert station. However, after more discussions, the scope was expanded to include a 150-person passed hors d’oeuvres service, specialty cocktails, a custom dessert table, and a unique dessert experience. Only two weeks before the event, we were informed that we were working for Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez's cosmetics brand.


Strategy & Preparation

The event was held at Lavan 541 in Chelsea, a popular venue for beauty brand events. To align with Selena Gomez's tastes and create an Instagram-worthy menu, we developed a savory offering that included pink brioche buns for sliders, pink soft taco shells for mushroom tacos, and pink sauces for all items. At the last minute, we also had to source french fry cones that could be customized with the Rare Beauty logo.


Event Gameplan

The dessert table was designed to create a "wow" factor using the color shades from the Rare Beauty palette. It included various shades of pink mallomars, glazed petit four cakes, macarons, and ganache brownies. All were color-matched to the brand's lip hues. We used our signature Revol French white resin displayware with clear acrylic to make the pink hues pop. We also used custom pink mirror acrylic squares for the tabletop to create a special feel within budget constraints. The “Choose your hue” donut station, which allowed guests to create their own custom donuts with color-matched glazes and sprinkles, was a hit.


Celebrating Success

Custom cocktails were designed to pop with pink hues. One used butterfly pea tea, which turns a vibrant fuchsia when lemon juice is added, and the other used grapefruit juice and beet powder for a softer pink hue. However, we faced a significant challenge when the lighting changed during the event. The heavy pink lighting made some of our desserts look brown, but we were able to resolve this issue by repositioning some of the pink spotlights.

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Marilyn Monroe

Executive Event Planner, Hermes