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small bites & desserts

We go beyond the bite and deliver unforgettable presentations and immersive experiences for your dream event. Specializing in high quality, dessert experiences, our focus goes beyond just the food that is being served.

Fresh &

handmade in NYC

Each event is unique. We pride ourselves in providing a full turn key service customized to perfection for any event. All of our small bites and desserts are made in-house by our Pistachio team in Brooklyn, New York.

& Services

surprise & delight

The Pistachio team incorporates brand elements, inspiration boards, and directives to propose custom, experiential ideas followed by a walkthrough of how we can bring those ideas to life. 

Experiential desserts

Desserts of all shapes and sizes designed to surprise and delight!

Bite-size desserts

Single portion desserts to provide a variety of  tastes and textures to compliment our experiential desserts.

Bite-size savory

Need something savory with your sweet tooth? Our single portion savory hors d'oeuvres serve as an alternative bite to our desserts.

Event staffing

With experience at many acclaimed hospitality institutions, our team members  support your team as on-site staff on the day of your event.

Event rentals

We offer a mixture of in-house rental items, as well as trusted third party options.

Event logistics

From event design and coordination, our team draws on years of expertise to plan one of a kind presentations.

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Marilyn Monroe

Executive Event Planner, Hermes

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