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Let us create a unique and elegant dessert table at your special occasion.

Every aspect of your wedding day is an expression of you as a couple. Trust Pistachio Culinary Studio & Experiences to create the dessert experience that tells your story.

Emerald City Wedding at The Plaza

It was a storybook ending

Set at the Plaza, staged with 400 guests, all gathered to celebrate love. Pistachio Culinary Studio & Experiences honored the nuptials with a dessert experience that expressed their union. With a lavish, curated dessert suite, we fuzed flavors from Britain, America, and India and offered an interactive experience exploring 14 exotic citruses transporting guests far beyond the Plaza and New York City.

Love so powerful you could taste it.

Emerald Plaza Menu

Malachite Entremet, Pomegranate Mousse, Pistachio Cake, Cardamom Sable Cookie

Tamarind Date Sticky Toffee Pudding

Saffron Rose Kheer, Apricot (V)

Bourbon-Orange Black and White Cookies

Italian Rainbow Cookies, Hybiscus Marmalade

White Orchid Macaron, Cucumber Ganache(GF)

Golden Milk Truffles (V)

Intimate elopement at 50 Bowery

Eloping means you can skip right to the cake

At this wedding elopement on the Bowery, we were inspired by bold, graphic textures and bursts of bright yellow that delivered a vibrant and elegant display. Pistachio Culinary Studio & Experiences added a human touch with a painterly approach. Hand-brushed macarons, color-splattered truffles, and éclairs added a painterly artistry to a celebration rooted in one of New York City’s most iconic neighborhoods. 

Dessert that tastes like art.

50 Bowery Wedding

Elopement Menu

Roasted Banana Truffle

Tahini Cheesecake, charcoal sable cookie, Meringue

Burnt Honey Macaron

Bergamot Éclair

Raspberry Rose Petit Four

Carrot Cake Doughnut

Lemon Semolina Cake, Blackcurrant

Pistachio Mousse, Orange Blossom, Sable Cookie, Ginger

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