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Make a statement...

Whether you’re launching your brand, celebrating with your team, or throwing a party for no reason, we’ll bring your vision to life and spare no details.

Galactic Saloon Event for The Knot

Western meets vintage
set in the future

A “Space Age-Futuristic meets Western Vibes with a 60’s/70’s Vintage Flair”, we thought you’d never ask. Our team delivered an immersive activation that included freshly made nitro ice cream atop a mini doughnut garnished with a spicy, nitro smoking caramel corn. Yeah…it was as good as it sounds. Ice cream was made fresh to order using a 321 degree liquid nitrogen as cold smoke billowed in front of guests. The experience tasted the way only hand-churned ice cream can. We worked with the production team and event planners to design a custom display of antique, rustic elements combined with glass and metallic to hit the future with a vintage vibe.

Because more than one thing can be true.



Pumpkin Doughnut

Espresso Nitro Ice Cream

Spicy Dragon's Breath Caramel Popcorn 

80's throwback at Salesforce

When you don't need a reason to celebrate

Invited by Salesforce to create a technicolor display to celebrate...Monday...our team let dessert be the star. Desserts honored vibrant imagery from the 1980s with forms that paid tribute to old New York. Custom branded tables gave the illusion of bites floating in air. Guests were taken to new heights, ready to face Tuesday.

You can be playful with a nod to the past.


Dream Menu

Espresso Banana Mousse, Technicolor Chocolate Glaze

Pistachio Sour Cherry Éclair

Custom Color Rainbow Cake, Passionfruit

Chartreuse & Basil Macaron

Hazelnut Princess Cake, Apricot, Marzipan

Custom Color Candy Popcorn

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